Foto: Dan Mariner
Foto: Dan Mariner

The story of Lofoten Wool


When textile craftswoman Ragnhild Lie learned that Norway’s home-grown wool is largely exported abroad, whilst local knitters were sat at home working with imported yarn, she decided it was time to take action. Time to take back the wool and the cultural heritage of the craft around it.

Using her extensive knowledge and experience of working with wool Lie decided to build an audience-oriented workshop around native breed sheep, wool and craft, based at her small farm in the Lofoten archipelago. In 2013 the first Old Norse Sheep arrived at the farm, and the following year Lofoten Wool was launched.

Since the beginning sustainability has been at the heart of everything we do. Our focus on local production, traditional craft skills and high-quality products has won us recognition both at home and abroad. Everything we do is rooted in the mindset that quality should endure over time, and that a sustainable, low impact approach is the best way to achieve this.