Ida sweater, knitting kit

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Ida sweater is knitted in 3 ply yarn from the Røst collection, a soft and nice yarn for knitting. Knitted from the bottom to top.

Ida comes in two different varieties - both with sheep coloured yarn as main colour, black and white. The decorative yoke pattern is knitted in our plant dyed yarn. 

We have chosen to arrange the colours in the pattern in two different logics. The white one have a few stitches with Rød Lunde / Red Puffin, which spice up the green, called Gress / Grass. While the sheep black there is a pale Gul Lunde / Yellow Puffin and a Rød Lunde / Red Puffin in fine harmony. A fun detail is that you fold the stitches in different ways, so that "birds that see their own way" are formed in the yoke.

The sweater is suitable for women and men, young and old. If you want other colour combinations, just write to us!

The package includes yarn and knitting pattern, and the sweater is designed by Turid Sandnes.

3 ply sheep coloured and plant dyed yarn
210 meter pr 100 gram, Nm 6,3/3
100 % pure Norwegian wool

Amount of yarn:
Snykvit/ Gress/ Rød Lunde:
S/M: 500g Snykvit, 50g Gress og 50g Rød lunde
L/XL: 600g Snykvit, 100g Gress og 50g Rød lunde

Skarv (Sheeps black) / Gul Lunde/ Rød Lunde
S/M: 500g Skarv, 50g Gul lunde, 50g Rød lunde 
L/XL: 600g Skarv, 50g Gul lunde, 50g Rød lunde