Låvebrua, 1 ply (The barn bridge) fine, Anno 2017

120,00 kr
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South wall is a light grey yarn produced from the Old Norwegian sheep reared on our farm.

They have a barn in in the lower part of the Høystålet, thus they live under the same roof as the Lofoten Wool workshop!

Old Norwegian Sheep have a double fleece consisting of fine, warm bottom wool protected by long, thick cover hair that’s highly durable.

Together with Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, we have developed this unique quality yarn with high spin and twist, which also contributes to its durability.

Rag socks made in this yarn can be advantageously felted somewhat for an even denser quality. Suitable as reinforcement thread for rag socks.

Photo of the skeins is from the wall on our barn bridge. The yarn contains sheep fat (lanolin) and becomes softer and airier after a light wool wash. You should always knit a sample patch, wash and dry it and then measure / calculate the number of stitches / pin thickness before larger projects.

50 grams skein = about 315 meters.
Nm 6.3 / 1
Knitting needle approx. 2-3.
100% pure Norwegian wool


US measures:

One skein is 1,8oz = 344 yards

Knitting needle: approx. 0 - 3


UK measures:

One skein is 1,8 oz. = 344 yards

Knitting needle: approx. 14-10