MOSE, plant-dyed yarn from Old Norse sheep

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MOSE is the yarn STORM dyed with indigo. The wool from Old Norse sheep consists of long shiny cover hairs that protect the sheep from weather and wind, and a soft and warm core wool. Both of these fiber types are carded together and spun into yarn. It produces a glossy, warm and robust yarn that is well suited for sweaters and mittens, among other things.

Some loose wool hairs will appear after the first wash. You should knit a test piece, wash and dry it and then measure/calculate the number of stitches/needle thickness before larger projects.


Same thickness as SAND, STORM, FULL STORM, SKY, ROGN, JORD and SNØ.

100grams skein = ca 130 meters
Nm 2,3/2,
Suitable for knitting needles ca nr 4-7mm

100% Norwegian wool