Blanket, Stormy weather

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A soft, airy and delicious blanket in a light quality. Here, thin strands of wool from either old norse sheep or soft crossbred lamb's wool are woven together with white lamb's wool. The two different sides gives the possiblilty to choose witch side in in/out.

The double coated old norse viking sheep wool gives a hairier and somewhat more robust character, while lamb's wool from Norwegian crossbred sheep is soft and airy. 

Choose your favorite!

A playful row of fringes along the edges gives the blanket a special character.

We trim and fringe and finish each blanket, so less variation in fringes and measures may occur.

Dimensions: approx. 125 x 225 cm.

100% pure Norwegian wool from happy sheep.

White/grey Norwegian white sheep
White and grey crossbred wool in the warp and in the weft.
This quality is softer and slightly lighter than the one with a blending of the Old Norse sheep wool. The blanket has an even surface.

White with grey Old Norse sheep
A mixture of white crossbred wool in the warp and in the weft, and our yarn Låvebrua, light grey yarn from our Old Norse sheep on the farm. The cover hairs from Old Norse sheep make the blanket nice and robust. The surface of the blanket is more wavy.