Rød Lunde 3 ply, 50/100g (Red Puffin)

410,00 kr
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White lamb's wool from Vestvågøya dyed with madder root. Crossbred wool of Norwegian White Sheep.

Here on the island, we have a bunch of discerning sheep farmers who are skilled in their breeding work, and wool quality is the focus. This is soft, luxurious first-class lamb's wool.

We heat the wool in a hot dye bath containing pieces of madder root; a process done in our color kitchen on the farm. Place of growth and season constitute different shades of yellowy red. We have maximum 26 skeins per dye batch, and all the skeins are marked with batch number. Be sure to get the same number if you want the exact same shade.

Photo of the puffin on the label was taken by senior ornithologist Tycho Anker-Nilssen.

100 grams in one skein = about 210 meters.

Nm 6.3 / 3

Knitting needle approx. 3 - 4.

100% pure Norwegian wool


US measures:

One skein is 3,52 oz= 229 yards

Knitting needle: approx. 3-6


UK measures:

One skein is 3,53oz = 229 yards

Knitting needle: approx. 11-8