Skarv 2 ply 50/100g, from 2022

190,00 kr
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We get the black wool from the white sheep, which occasionally turn black and brown. Since there are not enough such black sheep here in Lofoten, Fatland Wool has collected the best black wool from the entire region for us. There is often most lambswool in this yarn so it is light and soft. Crossbred wool by Norsk Kvit Sau.

IMPORTANT: The yarn contains sheep fat (lanolin) and dust from the sheep, so after a light wool wash it becomes softer, lighter and more airy. Always knit a sample patch and wash + dry it before calculating needles and number of stitches before starting large projects.

Each year has its nuance. The batch from 2022 is now for sale and its a rich, warm and dark sheep black.

100 grams = about 315 meters.

Nm 6.3 / 2

Knitting needle approx. 2.5 - 3mm

100 % pure Norwegian wool