Steingjerde 1-ply, 50g/100g

120,00 kr
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White whole-year wool carded together with wool from black sheep from all over Northern Norway.
The white all-year wool is from Røst, the island furthest out in Lofoten. Here, the sheep go out almost all year round, preferably on the islets around Røstlandet itself. The sheep eat a lot of seaweed and kelp, and the wind blows salt into the wool. This creates special conditions that produce white, airy, soft wool, and the sheep can only be shorn once a year, in the spring. Some of the sheep are shorn with hand shears out on the islets.
We get the black wool from the sheep that occasionally turn black and brown. Since there are not enough black sheep like this here in Lofoten, Fatland wool has collected the best black wool from the whole region for us.
Crossbred wool of Norwegian White Sheep.

50 grams of skein = approx. 315 meters.

Nm 6.3 / 1
Knitting needles approx. 2-3.
100% pure Norwegian wool