Vått Steingjerde 3 ply, 50/100g (Wet stone fence), Anno 2021

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White crossbred wool carded together with black sheep’s wool sourced from across northern Norway.
The white wool is full year growth wool from Røst, one of the remotest islands in the Lofoten archipelago. Here the sheep live outside almost all year round, often on the islets around Røstlandet itself. The sheep eat seaweed and kelp as well as grass, which is particularly rich due to fertilisation by resident colonies of seabirds. This unique diet, combined with exposure to salty sea air, makes the sheep’s wool beautifully light, soft and airy. The sheep are sheared just once a year, in the springtime. Some continue to be clipped by the traditional method of hand scissors out on the islets.

The black wool comes from Norwegian black sheep (that occasionally turn black/brown). Since there are not enough of these black sheep here in Lofoten, the wool station Fatland wool has collected the best black wool from the entire region for us!

Crossbred by Norsk Kvit Sau

IMPORTANT: see photo of the yarn before and after washing; the skein on the left contains sheep fat (lanolin) and dust from the sheep, and after a light wool wash it becomes softer and airier. We advise you first knit a sample, wash and dry it, then measure and calculate the number of stitches to establish the right pin size before starting larger projects.

This is ‘vintage’ yarn and each year has its nuances. The clip from 2021 is now for sale.

100 grams in one skein = about 210 meters.
Nm 6.3 / 3
Knitting needle approx. 3 - 4.
100% pure Norwegian wool


US measures:

One skein is 3,52 oz= 229 yards

Knitting needle: approx. 3-6


UK measures:

One skein is 3,53oz = 229 yards

Knitting needle: approx. 11-8