We collect wool from farms with different sheep breeds in Lofoten. 

We design and present two main yarn collections: 

  • The Røst collection: crossbred wool from both white and black/brown sheep. Full year growth and wool shorn in automn. This wool is soft and light.
  • Double Coated Wool collection: wool from native sheep Old Norse (Gammelnorsk sau), Norwegian Spæl and also Gammelnorsk Spæl. The longer hairs gives this yarn strength and the finer fibers gives warmth.

Processing of the yarn begins with Fatland Ull, who sort the wool by colour and quality, before it’s sent by the coastal express down to Hillesvåg Wool Mill to be washed and spun into beautiful yarn. Some of the yarn is sent to KriviVev at Tingvoll, where our fabrics are woven into our designs to be used for a range of applications.

The yarn contains sheep fat (lanolin) and becomes softer and airier after a gentle wool wash. 

You should knit a sample patch, wash and dry it and then measure / calculate the number of stitches / pin thickness before larger projects. Especially the Røstcollection changes to become whiter and softer after wash.

We plant dye all the coloured yarns in our workshop in batches of 13 or 26 100g skeins. The colour will vary a bit from each bath as it is all done by hand with colours which are difficult to control. We try to match up as much as we can with the pictures here. You can make a note in the shopping bag before check out if you want a light or dark/more intense colour.  Please make sure you order enough of each colour as we might be sold out of the batch you need if you run out of yarn.

Good luck with your project!